2019 Price List ~ Pure Light Therapies

       Therapeutic Massage, Cupping,  Reiki/Energy, Tuning Fork, BioMat Therapy

    • 15 minute Chair Massage                           $ 20.00
    • 30 minute BioMat Therapy *                    $ 30.00
    • 30 minute Massage Therapy Session      $ 40.00
    • 45 Minute Reiki Therapy Session             $ 50.00
    • 45 Minute Massage Therapy Session       $ 50.00
    • 60 Minute Massage Therapy Session*     $ 65.00
    • 60 Minute Reiki Therapy Session **        $ 65.00
    • 75 Minute Massage Therapy Session*      $ 80.00
    • 90 Minute Massage Therapy Session*     $ 95.00
    • 120 minute Massage Therapy session*    $ 120.00 
      • *Therapeutic Cupping, Taping, or Tuning Fork (Vibrational Therapy) may be included with any massage session
      • ** Tuning forks (Vibrational Therapy) may be included with  60 minute Reiki Sessions
    • All sessions may be booked via our convenient on-line scheduling:
      •  www.purelighttherapies@fullslate.com
      • or by calling/texting our office 480-695-2002
I prefer to see clients in my office, as I have all the tools available I need for sessions, including essential oils, hot/cold packs, cupping tools and tuning forks.  However, I will come to your home if you are unable to travel due to illness or injury.  Please contact me for further information.

Additional Services Available:

Chair Massage Events in the comfort of your home or office for you and your friends.

$75 per hour ~ 2 hour minimum 
Each guest receives minimum 10-15 minute massage.
Contact Judy for more information.


~ Gift Certificates Available ~

Reiki Classes

  • Pure Light Energy & Reiki Level I: $111.00
  • Pure Light Energy & Reiki Level II: $111.00
  • Pure Light Energy & Reiki Level III: $111.00
  • Master Certification  – contact for details and requirements.
  • Reiki Share: Donation

NOTE: Pre-registration for all classes is required.

 On-Line Scheduling:  www.purelighttherapies.fullslate.com

A deposit of $55.00 to Pure Light Therapies is required to secure your registration for class, payments can be made on line with purelighttherapies.fullslate.com or call: 480-695-2002 or email: PureLight1111@gmail.com or use the convenient online Registration Form.

If you need to reschedule, please notify me 48 hours prior to date of class and your deposit will be refunded or applied to the next scheduled class. Thank you for your consideration.

Gift Certificates Available
Visa and Master card Accepted

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Office Location

Pure Light Therapies

3740 E. Southern, Suite 214 (Second Floor)
in Mesa, Arizona 85206
(One block east of Val Vista
on the north side of the street)

To Make an Appointment

Registration Form

Call: 480-695-2002

Email: purelight1111@gmail.com

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